How did I let it happen? How did I wake up one day to find myself at 286 pounds and completely miserable in my own body? It happened, I can't blame anyone but me. And only I can fix it. So I am. On December 23, 2009 I had Lap-Band Surgery with Dr. John Marsden. I'm down 100 pounds so far with about 25 to go.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First time for everything ...

I went and had my first unfill yesterday. It was very small but man the difference is crazy good!

Before Chicago I had started to notice that I was having a little heartburn here and there, but not anything that I thought I should be worried about. I thought it could be stress or that I was eating too much too fast. Well, wait ... let's back up a smidge. On Aug 29th I went in for a fill and ended up getting .4 and was OK with that. However, the tech said that my pouch looked a little bit stretched which had me semi-freaking out. Fast forward a couple of weeks and this is when I started noticing the heartburn.  But there was a lot going on and I thought it was me. So I figured I'd work on it and see how I felt after Chicago. While at Bo0bs2.O I was able to eat just fine - not too much, but plenty - and wasn't noticing the heartburn as much.

Then after I got home I noticed I was a lot tighter and the heartburn was coming around every evening. At the end of last week it was becoming a big annoyance. I was having a hard time drinking anything more than water, which is bad since I take some medication in liquid form that is mixed in with orange juice. I could barely take a sip without it just sitting there, crazy. And I was starting to contemplate taking some Tums or something for the heartburn. That made me think that I should probably go to the doc.

I called yesterday morning to see when they could get me in. Fortunately they said I could come that day, at 2:30pm. The receptionist at the surgery center where I get my fills is just a grumpy lady in general I have decided. When I called I told her I thought I needed a small unfill because I was having some heartburn and having trouble with liquids esp in the mornings. Her comment - in a quite condescending tone - was "Well, are you able to keep anything down at all?" To which I repeated myself (which always thrills me) and she sighed and scheduled me to come in that afternoon. I'm tossing out a big 'ol WHAT.E.VER. to her. :)

I got there and went in to the fill room, both techs were awesome about the whole thing. They said that I absolutely did the right thing by coming in, that anytime you have heartburn it isn't a good sign and that that was the whole reason they were there and that I should never feel bad about coming in. That made me feel so much better. The funny thing is that they ended up taking out .4, which is the exact amount they put in at my last fill. So apparently I didn't really need it after all! But on a good note ... they said my pouch looked really good, no stretching anymore.  So whew for that!


In other news, today has been sucky at work. I even sat here and cried at my desk for a while. It is mostly just frustration. They are pushing to up our work load and have hired several people to help out with that in a few other groups, but I don't get any help. So I'll have more things coming in to me to get done but I will still be doing my part of the job all alone. Pardon my little pity party, I'll get over it soon.

Tonight I am going to an all levels yoga class! Only the 2nd one I'll have ever tried. The last few beginners classes I've been to haven't been challenging enough for me. So I guess that means it is time to move on up to the east side ;) Wish me luck!


  1. I hate that you have had a bad day and it better be better tomorrow or I'm going to come up there and rough up somebody!!

    Enjoy yoga. You are going to do great!

  2. Glad the unfill helped. And I am so sorry work is sucking right now.

    Yoga is so much fun, it really helps my back when I can get into the class. I have some dvds at home and am trying to get O to hook up the xbox so I can do them.

  3. I'm the master of the fill/unfill. I think in 18 months I have had 4 or 5. It takes about a month for the stomach swelling to calm down. So give yourself a break. You did the right thing. And maybe the flying affected you. I haven't understood why but there is something about atmospheric air pressure (Island Bandit blogged about it during the hurricane) so I just put up with it. Funny thing, since my unfill I haven't felt very hungry. Maybe you'll get the same results. Good luck on keeping the heartburn at bay. I still use Zantac or a tums every once in a while when it happens (maybe once a month) but it heartburn is usually one of the first signs that things aren't right. Hope the job stuff slows a bit for you. You can only do so much in the time we have.

  4. Definitely good that you got the unfill, hope things get better with work. And good luck with Yoga!

  5. Isn't it doesn't matter if you get a fill or unfill must be just change, that affects the band...well..OK!

    Have fun tonight!

  6. wow i am so glad the unfill did the trick and no damage was done!
    With work you have to remember that everything in life is temporary :)

    you also reminded me that I missed the yoga class i wanted to try tonight lol

  7. So very glad to hear that your unfill did the trick love bug. :)

    Also very very sorry to hear about the work problem. I understand completely. I'll explain in email. K? :)

    *silver hearts with hot pink sparkles*

  8. Yeah, the un-fill helped me a ton but now I'm struggling because I'm now able to eat lots more things than ever before (except bread still). Now I have to do the work,not the band. That's real life and I have to learn to deal with it!

  9. Sorry that your work day was crumby :(

    Um, way way way to go on moving it up in Yoga! I like the child pose a lot. :)

  10. I'm glad you got an unfill. I would hate for my Debi to feel any discomfort. I love you to much.

    Don't worry about the work stuff. It will get better. You are the best thing to ever happen to them. They will realize it soon. If not...I will come tell them.

    Sending you all types of hugs.

  11. Oh, I'm sorry you had a carpy day at work. Every time I drive by Pier 1 - I think - I hope Debi in TX is having a good day. It stinks when I can't just wish and good things happen. Hope you love the yoga class !

  12. Glad you got the unfill! I know exactly who that lady is that you're talking about! She is super rude! Last time I was there someone totally called her out on it, but I guess it didn't help any.

  13. I'm afraid I need a slight unfill as well, but I can't stomach paying over $500 for it! Glad you are feeling better though! Hope this yoga class challenges you!