How did I let it happen? How did I wake up one day to find myself at 286 pounds and completely miserable in my own body? It happened, I can't blame anyone but me. And only I can fix it. So I am. On December 23, 2009 I had Lap-Band Surgery with Dr. John Marsden. I'm down 100 pounds so far with about 25 to go.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Much Needed Break

I have been struggling. As y'all have been reading. So I decided to take a few days off of counting. And that's what I did this weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I didn't log any of my food. I tried not to go crazy or anything and I kept wearing my Bugg, but I just gave myself permission to not log anything. And it was wonderful. So nice to just not worry about it. I had a milkshake at the movies yesterday and it tasted amazing! I had nachos for dinner on Friday and they were delicious. I think it was just what I needed. Of course the scale was mad at me this morning, but I just laughed it off. It said I was up 5 pounds! There is no way that is even possible! So I'm back at it today and I feel really good.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. Summer is coming and I am excited to get in the pool. It is my zen place. I swim, sure. But I more enjoy lounging on my raft and listening to the water spill over the spa. We have lots of dragonflies around my pool, if you are still they come and land on your toes or fingers. It is super fun to watch.

That's about all for now, til next time ...


  1. That's awesome. Sometime a break is just what is needed in order to get back on track. Enjoy your pool time.

  2. You always have to have to take a break! And now I'm looking forward to starting next week with Jill. :)