How did I let it happen? How did I wake up one day to find myself at 286 pounds and completely miserable in my own body? It happened, I can't blame anyone but me. And only I can fix it. So I am. On December 23, 2009 I had Lap-Band Surgery with Dr. John Marsden. I'm down 100 pounds so far with about 25 to go.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1 day on the books

Well, I made it through yesterday. Some times during the day I wasn't sure I would! It's not like I've been eating crazy lately ... but it is quite different to eat while trying to lose rather than eat to maintain a weight. I think part of my calorie problems is my daily smoothie. I really don't want to give it up ... so I must make an adjustment. I get a medium - I think I'm going to have to go to a small. I will give that a try and see how it does.

Other than that, eating yesterday was alright. I was super hungry by the time dinner rolled around. I had a baked potato, not all of it though. I wasn't hungry again for the rest of the evening, but I wanted to eat. Nothing in particular, just wanted in general to eat. I refrained though. My kitty Nova was in my lap under a blanket all snuggly and I told myself that I couldn't get up and disturb him. So it forced me to stay where I was. Hey, whatever works right?

Today I have my pedometer on again, I haven't worn it in over a month! I am going to go to Target during lunch today so I should get some walking in. OH! And last night after I got home, James and I went out to dinner (for said potato) and then walked around Best Buy and also PetSmart. So I got some moving in yesterday after all, yay me!

Just get through today. Worry about tomorrow when it gets here. I can do this!

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  1. I wanted some ice cream just now...just because. Your post made me decide not to. :) YAY!