How did I let it happen? How did I wake up one day to find myself at 286 pounds and completely miserable in my own body? It happened, I can't blame anyone but me. And only I can fix it. So I am. On December 23, 2009 I had Lap-Band Surgery with Dr. John Marsden. I'm down 100 pounds so far with about 25 to go.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm trying to be positive today. It is proving to be a more difficult task than I would have imagined. I think all the snow days have messed with the tolerance I built up to the stupidity of people in the world.

So, lets think of some positive things to say, shall we? Today is more than 1/2 over! Yay! It has stopped icing outside. Yay! I haven't been in any car accidents throughout the past week of winter weather. Yay! I haven't gained any weight. Yay! It's almost the weekend. Yay! The book I'm listening to is reallllly good. Yay! I'm getting my hair colored tomorrow. Yay! It should be nice enough for me to ride my bike this weekend. Yay!

Hopefully that will get me through the next few hours.

Help me out with some positive things of your own!!!


  1. I'm positively glad that I'm going to see you Monday!! I'm getting ready to watch my new celebrity crush NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel talk about the unrest in Egypt on TV and I'm positively giddy. How can you not smile (laugh) at that?? :)

  2. This winter weather puts me in a "cleaning out" are my closets and cabinets looking good! YAY! Enjoyed the time with the kids at home, but so glad they are back in school! Able to go to the gym this week--Yay!

    Keep up the postive attitude; I know you can do it!