How did I let it happen? How did I wake up one day to find myself at 286 pounds and completely miserable in my own body? It happened, I can't blame anyone but me. And only I can fix it. So I am. On December 23, 2009 I had Lap-Band Surgery with Dr. John Marsden. I'm down 100 pounds so far with about 25 to go.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Where have I been?

Seriously? I don't even know! It's been ages since I was here chatting it up.

I got a new iMac at work and I'm totally diggin' on the iSight camera! So, you get a treat today (hahahaha), I made a video!! It might be kind of quiet because I didn't want everyone in my office to hear me talking. I hope it isn't too bad. Enjoy


  1. Poof ! I couldn't get the volume but I do love the headband. :)

  2. Amen on the comments about retaining water, etc. LOL I hate hearing that, even though it's probably true half the time - doesn't make it any easier to accept.

    Glad you had a good weekend, despite the water leakage!